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from M. in tangoDJ

I have bought approx. 1994 the CD from El Bandoneón EB-CD 3 and at the rear side of the CD on the top we can read:

QUINTETO PIRINCHO dirección: Francisco Canaro (1938)

and on the bottom we can read:

Grabado en Buenos Aires, 1938 (recorded in Buenos Aires in 1938)

Track 13, titled as “Recuerdos” on this CD, is a polka. But there is no polka with this title in Canaro’s discography.

At the rear side of the CD we can read that “Recuerdos” was recorded in 15.11.1937 and was composed by Domingo Santa Cruz.

Canaro’s discography don’t mention a polka recorded by Quinteto Pirincho at this date and with this composer.

There is a polka performed by Orquesta Pirincho named “Amelia” and composed by Domingo Santa Cruz in 26.08.37, but I don’t have “Amelia” and I can’t compare.

Regarding this track 13 I’m not shure if de info in the booklet of the CD and in eng.tango.info is correct.