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tango.info reference URL for this product: https://tango.info/07798089730323

Track 8, length 2:48

Todotango only has the "Soy un porteño" from Troilo from 1943 with Fiorentino. This sounds different. Track length for 1943 is 3:05/3:09.

Confirmed by audio comparison. Tobiasco 2010-08-27T17:00:01 (UTC)

Chrisjjj 2010-08-29T12:18:38 (UTC)

This track, https://tango.info/07798089730323-1-8, sounds to me to be the same composition as all other tracks I have titled "Soy un porteño":

This track sounds to me to be a different performance to that of the same-titled, same-artist tracks I have, all dated 1943: