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tango.info reference URL for this product: https://tango.info/02480002102861

Data by terra-melodica.de


Data before the track listing given as

CD Corrales Viejos 1932 - 1942
Genre: Tango
Label: DB
CD: Legal kopiert und manuell kopiert von Lizenzinhaber
      für Tango Liebhaber, Experten und Sammler
Audio CD 1 Stück

But on the cover image provided it says "1932-1940". Also the layout looks like "Diegon", so the label information might be wrong.

Track listing data

12. La Cumparsita (Instrumental)


Hugo Del Carril: 9-12

if 9-12 means that De Carril sings in each of the tracks 9,10,11,12

Not marked as instrumental but no singer given neither.

16. Chique

Probably false title:

2. El Soñador

sounds like other tracks labeled "Pobre soñador": https://tango.info/T0370082884

One singer for

7. Quien Mas Quien Menos
Antonio Maida: 4-8

while tango.info additionally has Randona, as given on https://tango.info/02480002712176-1-1

One singer for

22. Te Gane De Mano
Horacio Lagos: 19-22

while tango.info additionally has Randona


23. Timpos Bravos (Instrumental)

tango.info has "Tiempos bravos"


26. Soy Mendigop

tango.info has "Soy mendigo"