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tango.info reference URL for this product: https://tango.info/00886971399424

Via feeedback webform

Some possible corrections to this page, as suggested by the CD jacket I have for this CD:

Union Civica 21-02-33
La huella 15-05-36
Amelia 12-08-36
El pillete 12-08-36
Un lamento 15-12-36
Tierra querida 15-12-36
El tirabuzon 15-12-36
Chiclana 15-12-36
Requiebros 27-08-41
Tinta china 08-05-42
El talar 08-05-42
Guaymallen 14-11-41
La Rosarina 31-03-44
El Repique 31-03-44
El lloron 02-06-44
Recordando lo pasado 02-06-44
Noche calurosa 11-09-44

This feedback fills gaps and contradicts some current values:

Tinta china 1942-05-27
El talar 1942-05-27

which are the same as on 02480002002130.