Llueve otra vez


Base data
Object type: [track]
TINT: 03149024231421-1-21
Side number: 1
Track number: 21
Track format: CD-A
[duration]: 02:55
Naslov: Llueve otra vez
[genre]: tango
Instrumentalist(s): Pedro Laurenz
Vocalist(s): Carlos Bermúdez
језик: spa
[date]: 1944-04-26
TIWC: T0370211076
TINP: 03149024231421
Product graphic: Patria Mía
[product artist]: Pedro Laurenz
[product name]: Patria Mía
[product collection]: Le chant du monde/The masters of Tango Les grandes figures
Catalog number: 274 2314
Tango.info/wiki: /03149024231421
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