Each performance entry corresponds to a group of tracks that have the same title, orchestra, vocalist(s) and performance date (or no performance date).
Quantity of tracks in this list: 16.
Quantity of performances in this list: 6.
TitleTIWCGenre Instrumentalist(s) Vocalist(s)Perf. Date Dura. Track Qty info
Ya no cantas, Chingolo | ChingolitoT0464657495tangoArmando LacavaAmadeo Lomio, Ángel Vargas1953-10-1303:153info
Ya no cantas, Chingolo | ChingolitoT0464657495tangoEnrique RodríguezArmando Moreno1943-09-2002:294info
Ya no cantas, Chingolo | ChingolitoT0464657495tangoOsvaldo FresedoErnesto Famá1928-03-2002:562info
Ya no cantas, Chingolo | ChingolitoT0464657495tangoRoberto FirpoTeófilo Ibáñez1928-04-1203:025info
Ya no cantas, Chingolo | ChingolitoT0464657495tangoNuevo Quinteto Real-02:261info
Ya no cantas, Chingolo | ChingolitoT0464657495tangoQuinteto Real-02:191info