Mano a mano


Base data
Object type: [track]
TINT: 00008637208929-1-1
Side number: 1
Track number: 1
Track format: CD-A
[duration]: 03:19
Cím: Mano a mano
Műfaj: tango
Instrumentalist(s): Francisco Lomuto
Vocalist(s): Jorge Omar
Nyelv: spa
[date]: 1936-10-03
TIWC: T0370017541
TINP: 00008637208929
Product graphic:
[product artist]: Various Artists
[product name]: The Great Bands of Tango's Golden Age 1936-40
[product collection]: Harlequin
Catalog number: HQCD 89 /00008637208929
shop/ producer: -

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img 00743212754926CDBMG/Tango MaestroBMG 027549Tango Maestro00743212754926-1-1103:20info
img 00828766024920CDColección 78rpmEU-17001Francisco Lomuto | 1931/195000828766024920-1-603:16info
img 02480002002284CDClub Tango ArgentinoCTA-228Vol.8 (1936-1937)02480002002284-1-603:20info
img 02480002044390CDClub de tangoFrancisco Lomuto Sello RCA Victor Vol. 09 (1936-1937)02480002044390-1-603:23info
img 0248000210315811CD_temp_Siglo Del Tango Argentino_02480002103158-3-1103:17info
img 02480002333685LPRCA VictorLPC 52-181Vol.II02480002333685-2-203:18info
img 02480002336723LPClub Tango ArgentinoCTA-5063Gran Cronica De Francisco J. Lomuto (II) - 1931-1945 - Volumen 102480002336723-2-603:17info
img 02480002713418shellacVictor (Black & Gold "Scroll" Label)38008La cumparsita || Mano a mano02480002713418-2-1info
img 04024236203758DOWNLOADDYM Online/ Tango ClassicsDZ020375Caricias | 37504024236203758-1-303:19info
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