Enrique Dumas


Names: Enrique Dumas
Rodríguez Acha, Enrique
Roles: musician, singer
Date of birth: 1935-05-08 (Wednesday)
Place of birth: AR La Plata
Date of death: 2009-01-18 (Sunday)


Todotango.com person number: 1954
ISNI: 0000000041513030


    Object type Quantity info
    Work 1info
    Lyric 1info
    Performance 17 (estimated)info
    Track 32info
    Product 12info

    Performance statistics

    Performed genres

    Genre first last Perf. qty Track qty info
    tango 1959 16 30 info
    ? 1960 2 2

    Performer groupings

    Instrumentalist(s) Vocalist(s) first last Perf. qty Track qty info
    Carlos Figari Enrique Dumas 1960 14 28 info
    Enrique Dumas 3 3
    -unspecified orchestra- Enrique Dumas 1 1 info