Victor D'Amario


Base data
Name: Victor D'Amario
D'Amario, Víctor Salvado
Date of birth: 1909-05-05 (Wednesday)
Place of birth: AR La Plata
Date of death: 2007-08-20 (Monday)
Role: musician, composer, bandoneonist
Object type Quantity info
Work 18info
Composition 18info
Lyric 1info
Performance 10 (estimated)info
Track 28info
Product 15info
ISNI: 000000004606588X
TIPI: VictoDamar
IPI: 00007386389
VIAF: 29203612
SADAIC PID: 704 PID: 1328

Performance statistics

Performed genres
Genre first last Perf. qty Track qty info
tango 1952 10 28 info
Performer groupings
Instrumentalist(s) Vocalist(s) first last Perf. qty Track qty info
Victor D'Amario - 1951-06-19 1952 4 15 info
Victor D'Amario Alberto Santillán 1951 1952 4 9 info
Victor D'Amario 1952 2 4