Juan Cruz Mateo


Base data
Name: Juan Cruz Mateo
Mateo Goldaracena, Juan Cruz
Date of birth: 1904-12-25 (Sunday)
Place of birth: AR
Date of death: 1951-12-12 (Wednesday)
Place of death: AR La Plata
Role: musician, composer, pianist, violinist, cellist
Object type Quantity info
Work 5info
Composition 5info
Performance 8 (estimated)info
Track 14info
Product 12info
ISNI: 0000000120374112
TIPI: JuancMateo
IPI: 00020069918
VIAF: 87525000
Todotango.com PID: 1912

Performance statistics

Performed genres
Genre first lastTrack qty info
Performer groupings
Instrumentalist(s) Vocalist(s) first lastTrack qty info
Juan Cruz MateoCarlos Gardel1932-07-221932-07-227
Juan Cruz Mateo-unspecified male-193119313
Juan Cruz MateoJuan Carlos Marambio Catán193119322info
Juan Cruz Mateo193119311
Juan Cruz Mateo193619361