Gabriel Clausi


Base data
Name: Gabriel Clausi
Clausi (Chula), Gabriel
Date of birth: 1911-08-30 (Wednesday)
Place of birth: AR Buenos Aires
Date of death: 2010-02-17 (Wednesday)
Role: lyricist, musician, composer
Object type Quantity info
Work 66info
Composition 44info
Lyric 22info
Performance 35 (estimated)info
Track 61info
Product 8info
ISNI: 000000011467045X
TIPI: GabriClaus
IPI: 00006301831
VIAF: 7180698
SADAIC PID: 580 PID: 903
Wikidata QID: Q5873282

Performance statistics

Performed genres
Genre first lastTrack qty info
Performer groupings
Instrumentalist(s) Vocalist(s) first lastTrack qty info
Gabriel ClausiRicardo Ruiz194817info
Gabriel ClausiRoberto Rufino194619466info
Gabriel ClausiChito Faró194619475info
Gabriel ClausiRaúl Garcés194619465info
Gabriel Clausi4
Gabriel ClausiCarmen Idal194419444info
Gabriel Clausi194519464
Gabriel Clausi194619464
Gabriel ClausiJorge Falcón2info
Gabriel Clausi194419442
Gabriel ClausiChito Faró194619462
Gabriel ClausiChito Faró194619462
Gabriel ClausiArmando Arolas194619462info
Gabriel Clausi-1info
Gabriel Clausi194419441