Enrique Carbel


Base data
Name: Enrique Carbel
Carbel, Efrain Ramón Francisco
Date of birth: 1917-12-03 (Monday)
Place of birth: AR
Date of death: 1945-11-29 (Thursday)
Role: musician, singer
Object type Quantity info
Performance 3 (estimated)info
Track 20info
Product 20info
AINI: 40706607
ISNI: 000000040706607X
TIPI: EfraiCarbe
Todotango.com PID: 2197
Wikidata QID: Q40886025

Performance statistics

Performed genres
Genre first last Perf. qty Track qty info
tango 1937-10-29 1941-04-21 2 19 info
milonga 1 1 info
Performer groupings
Instrumentalist(s) Vocalist(s) first last Perf. qty Track qty info
Juan D'Arienzo Enrique Carbel 1937-10-29 2 17 info
-unspecified orchestra- Enrique Carbel 1941-04-21 1941-04-21 1 3 info