Eduardo Bianco


Base data
Name: Eduardo Bianco
Bianco, Eduardo Vicente (Manuel Bianco)
Date of birth: 1892-06-28 (Tuesday)
Place of birth: AR Rosario
Date of death: 1959-10-26 (Monday)
Place of death: AR Buenos Aires
Role: lyricist, musician, composer, singer, bandoneonist
Object type Quantity info
Work 21info
Composition 20info
Lyric 7info
Performance 236 (estimated)info
Track 424info
Product 58info
ISNI: 0000000110206879
TIPI: EduarBianc
IPI: 00003103853
VIAF: 7582956
SADAIC PID: 315365 PID: 380
Wikidata QID: Q30464993

Performance statistics

Performed genres
Genre first lastTrack qty info
tango chanté1928-01-275
super tango1
paso doble humoristique1
celebre tango1
tango humorístico1
tango canción1927-04-221927-04-221
Performer groupings
Instrumentalist(s) Vocalist(s) first lastTrack qty info
Eduardo Bianco, Bachicha-194193
Eduardo Bianco, BachichaJuan Raggi192856
Eduardo Bianco-19281939-03-1539info
Eduardo Bianco, BachichaCésar Alberú1927-11-0334
Eduardo Bianco, BachichaTeresita Asprella19281928-01-2727
Eduardo Bianco193420
Eduardo Bianco, Bachicha193820
Eduardo Bianco, Bachicha-unspecified male-1928-10-3117
Eduardo Bianco, BachichaEduardo Bianco, Juan Raggi19261927-04-2217
Eduardo Bianco195016
Eduardo Bianco1930193210
Eduardo Bianco, Bachicha19271927-11-035
Eduardo BiancoHoracio Pettorossi19281928-10-295
Eduardo Bianco192919295
Eduardo Bianco-unspecified male-193519425
Eduardo Bianco, Bachicha-unspecified male-, -unspecified male-1928-10-314
Eduardo Bianco, BachichaEduardo Bianco1926--19271927-04-223
Eduardo Bianco, BachichaHoracio Pettorossi192719273
Eduardo BiancoEduardo Bianco192819283info
Eduardo BiancoEduardo Bianco192819283
Eduardo BiancoMario Visconti193419393info
Eduardo Bianco, Bachicha19282
Eduardo Bianco, BachichaMario Melfi, Bachicha192619272
Eduardo Bianco, BachichaMario Melfi1926--19271927-04-222
Eduardo Bianco, BachichaBachicha1926--19271926--19272
Eduardo Bianco, BachichaEduardo Bianco, Horacio Pettorossi192719272
Eduardo BiancoEduardo Bianco, Horacio Pettorossi19281928-10-292
Eduardo Bianco, Bachicha-unspecified female-192819292
Eduardo Bianco, Bachicha-choir-192819282
Eduardo BiancoTeresita Asprella1928-01-261928-01-262info
Eduardo Bianco193219322
Eduardo Bianco193219322
Horacio Pettorossi, Eduardo Bianco-1
Eduardo Bianco-unspecified male-, -choir-1
Eduardo Bianco1
Eduardo Bianco, BachichaJuan Raggi, Eduardo Bianco1926-10-231926-10-231
Eduardo Bianco, Bachicha192719271
Eduardo Bianco, BachichaJuan Raggi, -choir-1927-04-221927-04-221
Eduardo Bianco, Bachicha1927-04-221927-04-221
Eduardo Bianco, Bachicha-unspecified male-, -choir-1927-04-221927-04-221
Eduardo Bianco193219321
Eduardo BiancoFederico Linae193519351info
Eduardo Bianco193519351
Eduardo Bianco1939-03-211939-03-211
Eduardo Bianco-choir-194219421
Eduardo Bianco195019501