A. J. Pesenti


Base data
Name: A. J. Pesenti
Pesenti, Auguste Jean
Place of birth: FR France
Date of death: 1952
Role: musician, bandoneonist
Object type Quantity info
Work 4info
Composition 4info
Performance 33 (estimated)info
Track 60info
Product 15info
ISNI: 0000000358840638
TIPI: AugusPesen
VIAF: 213865851
Todotango.com PID: 4578

Performance statistics

Performed genres
Genre first lastTrack qty info
tango con melodia1
Performer groupings
Instrumentalist(s) Vocalist(s) first lastTrack qty info
A. J. Pesenti-194016info
A. J. Pesenti1932193310
A. J. Pesenti19339
A. J. Pesenti193719374
A. J. Pesenti193819384
A. J. PesentiGuy Berry193319343info
A. J. Pesenti193119312
A. J. Pesenti193219322
A. J. Pesenti193219322
A. J. Pesenti193419342
A. J. Pesenti193519352
A. J. Pesenti193619362
A. J. PesentiLuis Esteban Mandarino192719271info
A. J. Pesenti193319331