Alfredo De Angelis


Base data
Name: Alfredo De Angelis
De Angelis, Alfredo
Date of birth: 1912-11-02 (Saturday)
Place of birth: AR
Date of death: 1992-03-31 (Tuesday)
Role: musician, composer, pianist
Object type Quantity info
Work 59info
Composition 59info
Lyric 1info
Performance 453 (estimated)info
Track 1638info
Product 236info
ISNI: 0000000115846293
TIPI: AlfreDeang
IPI: 00001016073
VIAF: 278410
SADAIC PID: 2777 PID: 14
Wikidata QID: Q330258

Performance statistics

Performed genres
Genre first lastTrack qty info
tango milonga1943-11-041956-04-038
arreglo en tango1957-09-051971-09-088
tango canción1944-11-231944-11-233
milonga candombe1961-08-081961-08-081
Performer groupings
Instrumentalist(s) Vocalist(s) first lastTrack qty info
Alfredo De AngelisCarlos Dante1957-09-18383info
Alfredo De Angelis-1985339info
Alfredo De AngelisJulio Martel1944-02-291950-12-12225info
Alfredo De AngelisCarlos Dante, Julio Martel1944-08-291950-11-10191
Alfredo De AngelisOscar Larroca1951-05-101958-10-15159info
Alfredo De AngelisFloreal Ruíz1943-07-231944-07-3152info
Alfredo De AngelisCarlos Dante, Oscar Larroca1951-05-291957-09-0547
Alfredo De AngelisJuan Carlos Godoy1958-04-171964-03-3046info
Alfredo De AngelisFloreal Ruíz1943-11-041944-02-2929
Alfredo De AngelisLalo Martel1959-04-061962-12-2728info
Alfredo De AngelisJulio Martel1943-07-231944-07-3116
Alfredo De AngelisCarlos Boledi, Isabel de Angelis1980198014
Alfredo De AngelisCarlos Aguirre1964-10-271976-09-2412info
Alfredo De AngelisRoberto Mancini1963-07-251964-03-3011info
Alfredo De AngelisJulian Rosales1969-07-241974-04-0311info
Alfredo De AngelisNéstor Rodi1944-06-031944-06-0310info
Alfredo De AngelisJuan Carlos Godoy, Roberto Mancini1963-07-2519649
Alfredo De AngelisAlberto Cuello1964-10-271969-03-039info
Alfredo De AngelisIsabel de Angelis1976-09-1719818info
Alfredo De AngelisRoberto Florio1958-07-251958-12-117info
Alfredo De AngelisJuan Carlos Godoy, Lalo Martel1959-05-041963-01-037
Alfredo De AngelisRubén Linares198219856info
Alfredo De AngelisCarlos Boledi198019805info
Alfredo De AngelisMarcelo Biondini198219855info
Alfredo De Angelis19853
Alfredo De AngelisJuan Carlos Godoy, Oscar Larroca1958-04-171958-04-172
Alfredo De AngelisAlberto Cuello, Carlos Aguirre1966-10-311968-07-182
Alfredo De AngelisJorge Guillermo198219821info
Alfredo De AngelisRubén Linares, Marcelo Biondini198519851