Alberto Caracciolo


Names: Alberto Caracciolo
Caracciolo, Alberto Pascual
Roles: musician, composer, bandoneonist
Date of birth: 1918-03-23 (Saturday)
Place of birth: AR
Date of death: 1994-01-31 (Monday)


IPI: 00005134140 person number: 2327 person code: AlberCarac


Object type Quantity info
Work 4info
Score 4info
Lyric 1info
Performance 2 (estimated)info
Track 2info
Product 1info

Performance statistics

Performed genres

Genre first last Perf. qty Track qty info
milonga 1960 1960 1 1 info
? 1960 1960 1 1

Performer groupings

Instrumentalist(s) Vocalist(s) first last Perf. qty Track qty info
Alberto Caracciolo 1960 1960 2 2