En un beso la vida


Base data
Object type: track
TINT: 00743214129821-1-8
Side number: 1
Track number: 8
Track format: CD-A
Duration: 02:24
Snippet: 1 min @ tangocd.com
Title: En un beso la vida
Genre: tango
Instrumentalist(s): Carlos Di Sarli
Vocalist(s): Roberto Rufino
Language: spa
Date: 1940-09-23
TIWC: Z0000040263
TINP: 00743214129821
Product graphic: Sus primeros éxitos Vol. 1
Product artist: Carlos Di Sarli / Rufino
Product name: Sus primeros éxitos Vol. 1
Product collection: BMG/Tango Argentino
Catalog number:
Tango.info/wiki: /00743214129821
shop/ producer: US tangocd.com

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