Tristeza criolla


Base data
Object type: track
TINT: 00718750143525-1-3
Side number: 1
Track number: 3
Track format: CD-A
Duration: 02:26
Title: Tristeza criolla
Genre: vals
Instrumentalist(s): Ángel D'Agostino
Vocalist(s): Ángel Vargas
Language: spa
Date: 1945-10-02
TIWC: Z0000045772
TINP: 00718750143525
Product graphic:
Product artist: Various Artists
Product name: Best of tango argentino valsecitos | Valsecito Amigo
Product collection: Danza y Movimiento
Catalog number: DZ3005 /00718750143525
shop/ producer: -

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