El penado catorce


Base data
Object type: track
TINT: 00008637217228-1-21
Side number: 1
Track number: 21
Track format: CD-A
Duration: 02:43
Title: El penado catorce
Genre: tango
Instrumentalist(s): Miguel Caló
Vocalist(s): Raúl Iriarte
Language: spa
Date: 1947-06-26
TIWC: Z0000002434
TINP: 00008637217228
Product graphic: Miguel Calo and his Orchestra of the Stars 1942-1950
Product artist: Miguel Caló
Product name: Miguel Calo and his Orchestra of the Stars 1942-1950
Product collection: Harlequin
Catalog number: HQCD 172
Tango.info/wiki: /00008637217228
shop/ producer: GB interstate-music.co.uk

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