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The status of an event in tango.info can be one of the three values defined in RFC 5545 "iCalendar":

      statvalue-event = "TENTATIVE"    ;Indicates event is tentative.
                      / "CONFIRMED"    ;Indicates event is definite.
                      / "CANCELLED"    ;Indicates event was cancelled.


As of 2014-03-24 not used in tango.info.


The main type.


Festivals that were TENTATIVE or CONFIRMED are not deleted in tango.info, thus, an event will be marked CANCELLED if it is planned that it will not to take place.


  • Tango Experience Berlin 2013 was cancelled after many people had booked, payed and traveled. Cancellation occurred on the day for which the first events were planned.
  • 14th International Tango Festival Berlin (2014) was in idea-phase when it was decided that another festival would be done instead. The other festival uses another name, thus, a separate item was created, the ITFB marked as cancelled. No program did exist yet, no booking nor paying.