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Naslov[genre]Instrumentalist(s)Vocalist(s)Lang.Perf. date Dura. [track qty] info
Amor y tangotangoAníbal TroiloFloreal Ruízspa1945-10-0903:0919info
Amor y tangotangoGabriel ClausiChito Faróspa194702:572info
Amor y tangotangoJosé BassoAlfredo Belusispa196702:161info
Amor y tangotangoJosé Bassospa198602:251info
Amor y tangotangoMiguel CalóRaúl Iriartespa1945-11-0302:584info
Amor y tangotangoMiguel CalóRaúl Iriartespa1945-11-0802:561info