Corrales viejos


Base data
Object type: [track]
TINT: 00718750143723-1-14
Side number: 1
Track number: 14
Track format: CD-A
[duration]: 02:10
название: Corrales viejos
[genre]: milonga
Instrumentalist(s): Juan D'Arienzo
Vocalist(s): -
язы́к: zxx
[date]: 1943-09-28
TIWC: T0370076984
TINP: 00718750143723
Product graphic:
[product artist]: Various Artists
[product name]: Best of tango argentino milonga Vol.3 | milonga que peina canas
[product collection]: Danza y Movimiento
Catalog number: DZ3007 /00718750143723
shop/ producer: -

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img 00718750143723CDDanza y MovimientoDZ3007Best of tango argentino milonga Vol.3 | milonga que peina canas00718750143723-1-1402:10info
img 02480002003113CDClub Tango ArgentinoCTA-311Vol.11 (1943)02480002003113-1-1002:14info
img 02480002760399shellacRCA Victor (Black & Silver "Color Dog" Label)1A-5022Corrales viejos || Tinta verde02480002760399-1-1info
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