Product: EMI/Hemisphere

Graphic Type Name Artist Catalog number Date TINP Side qty Track qty info
img 04024348030457CDThe Story of Tango Vol.1MPCD 304504024348030457??info
img 04024348030693CDThe Story of Tango Vol.10Martín de LeónMPCD 306904024348030693??info
img 04024348030471CDThe Story of Tango Vol.2Color TangoMPCD 304704024348030471112info
img 04024348030532CDThe Story of Tango Vol.4MPCD 305304024348030532??info
img 04024348030648CDThe Story of Tango Vol.8Nuevo Quinteto RealMPCD 306404024348030648??info
img 00724349641327CDThe Story of Tango, volume 2Various Artists199800724349641327115info
img 04024348030556CDThe Story of Tango, Volume 5Diego Solis / Osvaldo PiroMPCD 305504024348030556120info
img 00724349641228CDWomen of TangoVarious Artists199800724349641228115info