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img 09783939871033BOOKEmbracing Tango. Techniques and Metaphores between Tango and Life, by Gustavo Benzecry SabáGustavo Benzecry Sabá978-3-939871-03-309783939871033??info
img 09789872448172BOOKI wanted to dance. Carlos Gavito: Life, passion and tango, by Ricardo PlazaolaRicardo Plazaola978-987-24481-7-209789872448172??info
img 09789872448189BOOKNew Glossary of Tango Dance - Key Tango Argentino dance terms by Benzecry Sabá. Prefaces: J. C. CopBenzecry Sabá. Prefaces: J. C. Copes - C. Gavito / Epilogue: M.A. Zotto978-987-24481-8-909789872448189??info
img 09783980738354BOOKTANGO, an anxious quest for freedom, by Gloria and Rodolfo DinzelGloria and Rodolfo Dinzel3-9807383-5-309783980738354??info
img 09789874384577BOOKTango Awareness by Mauricio CastroMauricio Castro978-987-43845-7-709789874384577??info
img 09789876051590BOOKTango-Dance. In search of the method that never existed, by Hugo MastrolorenzoHugo Mastrolorenzo978-987-605-159-009789876051590??info
img 09783939871095BOOKTango Passion and the Rules of the Game by Margareta Westergård Margareta Westergård 978-3-939871-09-509783939871095??info
img 09789874328113BOOKTANGO. The structure of the dance 1. Its secrets revealed by M. CastroM. Castro978-987 43281-1-309789874328113??info
img 09789874345981BOOKTANGO. The structure of the dance 2. The Matrix by Mauricio CastroMauricio Castro978-987-43-4598-109789874345981??info
img 09789874379474BOOKThe Tango Scene. Swing in, by Sonia AbadiSonia Abadi978-987-43794-7-409789874379474??info