Quantity of tracks in this list: 29.
Quantity of performances in this list: 29.
TitleTIWCGenreInstrumentalist(s)Vocalist(s)Lang.Perf. date Dura. Track qty info
Ah Helidoni Mou ?-unspecified female-ell02:111info
Aishe tangoell03:051info
Anthropoi Monahoi ?-unspecified female-ell04:291info
Den Echis Tipota Ma Echis Kati tangoSofia Vemboell02:581info
Di'Euxon ?-unspecified female-ell03:421info
Gia Ena Tango tango-unspecified female-ell04:561info
Glykia redzina (Sweet Regina) tangoell1info
Ki An m'Agapas Mi Mou To Peis tangoSofia Vemboell02:461info
Klapse tangoell02:541info
Krata Gia To Telos ?-unspecified female-ell03:431info
Magissa ?-unspecified female-ell02:531info
Mesanchta tangoell03:031info
Minoraki ?-unspecified female-ell03:081info
Na Zisi I na Pethano ?-unspecified female-ell03:511info
Oi Filoi ?-unspecified female-ell02:361info
Panselinos ?-unspecified female-ell03:261info
Polles Fores ?-unspecified female-ell01:421info
Psyhes Kai Somata ?-unspecified female-ell04:211info
S'Ehasa ?-unspecified female-ell03:591info
S'agapo (I love you) tangoell1info
Sy Mou Harajes Poreia ?-unspecified female-ell02:481info
Synaulia ?-unspecified female-ell05:201info
Synnefa ?-unspecified female-ell01:511info
Tabakiera ?-unspecified female-ell02:561info
Theos An Einai ?-unspecified female-ell03:201info
Ti Einai Auto Pou To Lene Agapi ?-unspecified female-ell01:291info
To Tango Tis nefelis ?-unspecified female-ell04:041info
To Tragoudi Tou Helidoniou ?-unspecified female-ell04:481info
To nou Mou Esigirisa ?-unspecified female-ell02:321info