Sueño querido


Base data
Object type: [track]
TINT: 04024348030471-1-9
Side number: 1
Track number: 9
Track format: CD-A
[duration]: 02:59
Titel: Sueño querido
[genre]: tango
Instrumentalist(s): Color Tango
Vocalist(s): Abel Córdoba
Taal: spa
TIWC: T0370084766
TINP: 04024348030471
Product graphic:
[product artist]: Color Tango
[product name]: The Story of Tango Vol.2
[product collection]: EMI/Hemisphere
Catalog number: MPCD 3047 /04024348030471
shop/ producer: -

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Track made from same performance (3)

Product graphic Product type [product collection] Catalog number Product title TINT Dur. info
img 00611077970921CDForever MusicFMCD 9709Timeless Tango00611077970921-1-902:59info
img 00675754001421CDMariposaThe Story of Tango, Vol. 200675754001421-1-903:02info
img 04024348030471CDEMI/HemisphereMPCD 3047The Story of Tango Vol.204024348030471-1-902:59info