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ISO week:1928W27
Calendar day:07-06


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Quantity of tracks in this list: 26.
Quantity of performances in this list: 6.
[title]TIWC[genre]Instrumentalist(s)Vocalist(s)Lang. Dura. [track qty] info
El carreritoT0370076553tangoGuillermo Barbieri, José RicardoCarlos Gardelspa3info
Esta noche me emborrachoT0370011645tangoGuillermo Barbieri, José RicardoCarlos Gardelspa02:246info
La muchacha del circoT0370019887tango-unspecified guitars-Agustín Magaldispa02:5810info
LechuzaT0370016402tangoGuillermo Barbieri, José RicardoCarlos Gardelspa3info
No te engañes, corazónZ0000002252tangoGuillermo Barbieri, José Ricardo, José María AguilarCarlos Gardelspa1info
Siga el corsoT0370027114tangoGuillermo Barbieri, José RicardoCarlos Gardelspa02:413info

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