Base data
Object type: [track]
TINT: 02480002330202-1-7
Side number: 1
Track number: 7
Track format: 33
[title]: Yapeyú
[genre]: tango
Instrumentalist(s): Juan D'Arienzo
Vocalist(s): -
Keel: zxx
[date]: 1951-12-27
TIWC: Z0000083997
TINP: 02480002330202
Product graphic:
[product artist]: Juan D'Arienzo
[product name]: Don juan ? el irresistible
[product collection]: RCA
Catalog number: AVL-3179
Tango.info/wiki: /02480002330202
shop/ producer: -

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img 00743212755022CDBMG/Tango MaestroBMG 027550Tango Maestro00743212755022-1-1802:26info
img 00743213541624CDBMG/FM TangoECD 50609Todo D'Arienzo de FM Tango para usted Vol. 1 Instrumental00743213541624-1-502:28info
img 00743215141020CD?Maestros del tango00743215141020-1-1002:26info
img 00743215827627CD?Serie 20 exitos vol.200743215827627-1-2002:24info
img 00743217137229CDBMG/Solo TangoBMG 71372Juan D'Arienzo | Instrumental Vol.100743217137229-1-502:25info
img 00828766934021CDRCA/Coleccion Juan D'ArienzoBien pulenta (1950-1952)00828766934021-1-1702:27info
img 02480002003205CDClub Tango ArgentinoCTA-320Vol.20 (1951-1952)02480002003205-1-902:31info
img 02480002028147CDAltaya/Sentir el tangoT.A. 014La cumparsita02480002028147-1-302:25info
img 0248000210315811CD_temp_Siglo Del Tango Argentino_02480002103158-4-1802:27info
img 02480002126621CDAMP Tango ColeccionCD-1266Qué lindos tiempos viejos!! | Vol.2302480002126621-1-1502:28info
img 02480002330202LPRCAAVL-3179Don juan ? el irresistible02480002330202-1-7info
img 02480002331278LPRCA VictorAVS-4160Don Juan El Irresistible02480002331278-1-7info
img 02480002762126shellacRCA Victor (Black & Gold "Double Circle" 2 stars Industria Uruguaya Label)68-0210Yapeyu || N. P.02480002762126-1-1info
img 03149024231223CDLe chant du monde/The masters of Tango Les grandes figures274 2312El simpático03149024231223-1-1102:30info
img 0401122231759910CDMembranEl tango pasión y emoción04011222317599-1-402:30info
img 04024236200344DOWNLOADDYM Online/ Tango ClassicsDZ020034La puñalada | 03404024236200344-1-502:24info