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Armenonville Juan Félix Maglio José Perrusine Fernández tango T0370107291 21 info
Armenonville Osman Pérez Freire tango Z0999919607 0 info
Armenonville Enrique Cadícamo poema Z0999990171 0 info
Armenonville viejo Manuel Jovés - tango Z0999917560 0 info

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img 02480002330974 LP Armenonville Juan D'Arienzo RCA AVL-3989 02480002330974 2 12 info
img 02480002727163 shellac El caburé || Armenonville Juan Maglio (Pacho) Columbia Record (Blue, Gold & White "Grand Prizes" Label) T520 02480002727163 2 2 info
img 07175993127522 CD Tango brillante Armenonville ? 07175993127522 0 info
img 00675754399627 CD The Story of Tango, Vol. 12 Armenonville Mariposa 00675754399627 0 info

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