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A Catamarca Selva Gijena Selva Gijena vals T0370448375 0 info
Andate a Catamarca Z0999902263 1 info
Catamarca Eduardo Arolas Jesús Fernández Blanco tango T0370006157 34 info
Catamarca Juan Luis Marini José Rial tango Z0999902153 3 info
Paisaje de Catamarca Polo Giménez Polo Giménez zamba T0370269161 2 info

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img 02480002336259 LP Catamarca Carlos Di Sarli Club Tango Argentino CTA-5015 02480002336259 2 16 info
img 04024236201594 DOWNLOAD Catamarca | 159 Julio De Caro DYM Online/ Tango Classics DZ020159 04024236201594 1 10 info
img 02480002718161 shellac Catamarca || Milonga del sentimiento Carlos Di Sarli RCA Victor (Green & Gold "Double Circle" Label) 68-1671 02480002718161 2 2 info
img 02480002738404 shellac Vertige || Catamarca Mario A. Pardo Disco Nacional (Red & Gold Label, sun) 973 02480002738404 2 2 info

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