El irresistible


Base data
Object type: track
TINT: 00828766934526-1-7
Side number: 1
Track number: 7
Track format: CD-A
Duration: 02:30
Title: El irresistible
Genre: tango
Instrumentalist(s): Juan D'Arienzo
Vocalist(s): -
Language: zxx
Date: 1954-12-10
TIWC: T0370015374
TINP: 00828766934526
Product graphic:
Product artist: Juan D'Arienzo
Product name: Viento sur (1954-1955)
Product collection: RCA/Coleccion Juan D'Arienzo
Catalog number:
Tango.info/wiki: /00828766934526
shop/ producer: US tangocd.com

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