Let's Have Dinner and Go Dancing with the Mandragora Tango Orchestra


Let's Have Dinner and Go Dancing with the Mandragora Tango Orchestra
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TINP: 00707541791229
Product artist: Mandragora Tango Orchestra
Product collection: ?
Product type: CD
Date: 2005
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EAN: 0707541791229
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Side qty: 1
Track qty: 13
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S# Duration DiscId


S#T#TitleGenreInstrumentalist(s)Vocalist(s)Perf dateDur.info
11La cumparsita (TangoChristSuperstar Akousik Remix)tangoMandragora Tango Orchestra-2004-08-2106:09info
12Haciendose lo del ZamoratangoMandragora Tango Orchestra-2004-08-2104:36info
13Verano porteñotangoMandragora Tango Orchestra-2004-08-2104:03info
14Bésame muchotangoMandragora Tango Orchestra-2005-05-2103:17info
15Corazón de orovalsMandragora Tango Orchestra-2005-06-0404:00info
16El GarróntangoMandragora Tango Orchestra-2005-06-0402:38info
17La última copatangoMandragora Tango Orchestra-2005-06-0402:57info
18La última citatangoMandragora Tango Orchestra-2005-06-0403:20info
19A la gran muñecatangoMandragora Tango Orchestra-2005-06-0402:45info
110Milonga del novecientosmilongaMandragora Tango Orchestra-2005-06-0403:16info
111TempranillotangoMandragora Tango Orchestra-2004-08-2104:16info
112Adiós, noninotangoMandragora Tango Orchestra-2004-08-2104:07info
113Oelle como espíritu adolecente | Smells Like Teen SpirittangoMandragora Tango Orchestra-2004-08-2104:24info