From Argentina to the world


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From Argentina to the world
Object type: product
TINP: 00094637196526
Product artist: Julio De Caro
Product collection: EMI/From Argentina to the world
Product type: CD
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EAN: 0094637196526
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Side qty: 1
Track qty: 20
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S# Duration DiscId


11BoedotangoJulio De Caro-1952-09-1703:14info
12Flores negrastangoJulio De Caro-1952-09-1702:56info
13Aníbal TroilotangoJulio De Caro-03:23info
14Mala juntatangoJulio De Caro-1949-10-1003:06info
15Tierra queridatangoJulio De Caro-1952-11-2703:26info
16Guardia viejatangoJulio De Caro-1949-11-1803:16info
17MaipotangoJulio De Caro-1953-04-1003:23info
18La rayuelatangoJulio De Caro-1950-10-2703:08info
19Ojos negrostangoJulio De Caro-1952-11-2702:53info
110Todo corazóntangoJulio De Caro-1951-06-0103:09info
111Loca bohemiatangoJulio De Caro-1951-07-1602:47info
112El arranquetangoJulio De Caro-1951-11-1603:00info
113Puro aprontetangoJulio De Caro-02:42info
114ChiclanatangoJulio De Caro-1950-09-1102:59info
115Sueño azultangoJulio De Caro-1951-11-1603:11info
116CopacabanatangoJulio De Caro-1949-07-2603:16info
117El monitotangoJulio De Caro-unspecified male-, -unspecified male-1949-09-2902:54info
118Allá en el cielotangoJulio De Caro-03:08info
119De rompe y rajatangoJulio De Caro-02:49info
120Mala pintatangoJulio De Caro-1951-11-1703:05info