From Argentina to the world


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From Argentina to the world
Object type: product
TINP: 00094637196021
Product artist: Mariano Mores
Product collection: EMI/From Argentina to the world
Product type: CD
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EAN: 0094637196021
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Side qty: 1
Track qty: 20
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S# Duration DiscId


11TangueratangoMariano Mores-02:58info
12UnotangoMariano MoresCarlos Acuña1957-03-2203:17info
13Moñito?Mariano Mores-02:15info
14Por qué la quise tantotangoMariano MoresMiguel Montero03:40info
15El firuletemilongaMariano Mores-03:23info
16Una lágrima tuyatangoMariano MoresEnrique Lucero03:13info
17Tango rapsodiatangoMariano Mores-05:02info
18El patio de la morochatangoMariano MoresCarlos Acuña1957-04-0803:44info
19La cumparsitatangoMariano Mores-03:44info
110Sabor de adióstangoMariano MoresClaudio Bergé1968-11-0603:26info
111Griceltango fantasíaMariano Mores-03:43info
112En esta tarde gristangoMariano MoresMario Ponce De Leon03:06info
113El irresistibletangoMariano Mores-1957-11-2102:35info
114Frente al martangoMariano MoresSusy Leiva, -choir-03:11info
115Taquito militarmilongaMariano Mores-02:37info
116Cuartito azultangoMariano MoresMario Ponce De Leon03:07info
117Vals de la evocaciónvalsMariano Mores-03:23info
118Oro y gristangoMariano Mores-02:48info
119La tabladatangoMariano Mores-03:07info
120Cafetín de Buenos AirestangoMariano MoresEnrique Lucero03:04info