Thursday's Tangos from the Golden Age


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Date: 1998-09-15
Catalog number: HQCD 120
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S# Duration DiscId


11JuevestangoJulio De Caro-193003:17info
12Mi quejatangoJulio De Caro-193003:06info
13Dónde estás, corazón?tangoBachichaJuan Raggi, Teresita Asprella192902:59info
14Te vi muy tristetangoPippo Racho-02:54info
15PerdóntangoPippo Racho-02:51info
16Bells of HawaiivalsFrancisco Canaro-1929-11-0903:32info
17ZarazatangoFrancisco CanaroCharlo1929-02-2302:56info
18Milonga clásicamilongaFrancisco Canaro-1940-04-1802:27info
19Bandoneón de mis amorestangoFrancisco Canaro-1940-05-2002:53info
110Cara suciatangoFrancisco CanaroRoberto Maida1937-07-0602:43info
111Clavel del airetangoJuan de Dios Filiberto-193503:30info
112Botines viejostangoJuan de Dios Filiberto-193203:48info
113La quinteritapolcaJuan de Dios Filiberto-193602:12info
114Lo que vieron mis ojosvalsFrancisco LomutoFernando Díaz, Mercedes Simone1933-07-2202:26info
115Mar de fondotangoFrancisco Lomuto-1931-12-2202:46info
116Se han sentado las carretastangoFrancisco LomutoFernando Díaz, Jorge Omar1939-10-2503:03info
117T.B.C.tangoCarlos Di Sarli-1928-11-2603:02info
118SábadotangoCarlos Di Sarli-1930-05-0802:36info
119Don José MaríatangoCarlos Di Sarli-1930-06-1602:34info
120El pollo RicardotangoCarlos Di Sarli-1946-03-2902:36info
121MarianitotangoCarlos Di Sarli-1941-05-2002:28info
122En mi pasado | Los mareadostangoCiriaco Ortiz-03:01info
123Madame IvonnetangoCiriaco Ortiz-02:22info
124GalleguitatangoCiriaco Ortiz-194802:11info
125Milonguita | EsthercitatangoCiriaco Ortiz-02:00info
126JuevestangoRafael Rossi-unspecified male-03:23info