Alfredo J. Gobbi


Base data
Name: Alfredo J. Gobbi
Gobbi, Alfredo Julio Floro
Date of birth: 1912-05-14 (Tuesday)
Place of birth: FR Paris
Date of death: 1965-05-21 (Friday)
Place of death: AR Buenos Aires
Role: musician, composer, pianist, violinist
Object type Quantity info
Work 19info
Composition 19info
Lyric 1info
Performance 92 (estimated)info
Track 486info
Product 69info
ISNI: 000000005934831X
TIPI: AlfreGobbh
IPI: 00012083727
VIAF: 16893215
SADAIC PID: 1228 PID: 21
Wikidata QID: Q5557433

Performance statistics

Performed genres
Genre first lastTrack qty info
arreglo en tango1956-04-161956-04-163
Performer groupings
Instrumentalist(s) Vocalist(s) first lastTrack qty info
Alfredo J. Gobbi-1947-05-161958-07-07259info
Alfredo J. GobbiJorge Maciel1948-09-081954-08-2669info
Alfredo J. GobbiTito Landó1954-06-221958-07-3144info
Alfredo J. GobbiAlfredo del Río1958-07-3139info
Alfredo J. GobbiJorge Maciel1950-10-311952-04-0313
Alfredo J. GobbiAlfredo del Río, Tito Landó1955-06-301958-07-0713
Alfredo J. GobbiCarlos Heredia, Hugo Soler1947-05-161948-01-318
Alfredo J. GobbiCarlos Almada1953-04-281953-10-278info
Alfredo J. GobbiHéctor Coral1950-03-271951-06-267info
Alfredo J. GobbiHéctor Maciel1948-05-125info
Alfredo J. GobbiÁngel Díaz1949-10-135info
Alfredo J. GobbiPablo Lozano1948-05-121948-05-123info
Alfredo J. Gobbi2
Alfredo J. GobbiCarlos Nogués2info
Alfredo J. GobbiHugo Soler1947-11-041947-11-042info
Alfredo J. GobbiÁngel Díaz, Jorge Maciel1949-07-251949-07-252
Alfredo J. GobbiMario Beltrán1957-04-161957-04-162info
Alfredo J. GobbiCarlos Yanel1957-10-181957-10-182info
Alfredo J. GobbiÁngel Díaz, Carlos Nogués1